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Today was double movie madness as I saw two movies. Firstly, I saw The Incredible Hulk for a second time down at the cheap show. I don’t think I pulled too much out of seeing it a second time, but it was still enjoyable. I do like Edward Norton substantially. Tim Roth too. With Few super-hero movies on the horizon, it was nice to make me feel like I got to see another one. On top of that it was only $3.50. I was going to go with Robert and Iris, but due to them being hugely in the wrong direction, and me being strapped for time, and also it being professionally inappropriate, I couldn’t pick them up.
[hulk picture never, stop asking Robert]
The fights and story weren’t as enthralling the second time around, but the visual imagery like where he’s in the shadows, the quality of Norton’s and Roth’s performances. I also love the opportunity to practice my portuguese. If it isn’t enough of a quality review from that, I did see it twice.

Round 2 of movie night was seeing Pineapple Express with Joe. On the way we had a rousing listen of some old 311 and Foo Fighters. We’ve both been on a little nostalgia kick lately it seems, by chance. Pineapple Express isn’t my usual brand of movie, but I had a good time because I loosened up a little and was looking for it to be good. Not too loose though, because the police were checking people out as they were entering the theatre, no joke.

Epic fight scenes, car chases, gun fights, this movie definitely tries to have some spectacle to it, and while it’s completely over the top, it has fun with it, and they know it’s goofy, like a Sam Raimi affair. It also features an all-star cast of a whole bunch of guys I recognize from different movies but can’t remember the names of. It’s a lot of slapstick and violence and people hitting each other with unconventional objects, but I enjoyed it, so I’m not going to complain about it. There a lot of nice bits that the characters run though, easily the high point of the film. They did overdo the overly verbose comments during the fights, along the lines of somebody being pummeled with a pipe and saying “Please stop or at least tell me why you are hitting me that pipe!” Plot-wise and in terms of character depth and all that usual good stuff, I wouldn’t even attempt to oversell it, but as I said before, it’s something you can have fun with it. Ooh, that and there’s a nice scene later on in the film where they sit around and recap the major scenes of the movie in a very stoner-esque fashion. Not really sure if that’s worthy of being a spoiler, but better safe than sorry.


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8 August 2008 at 11:33 pm

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  1. i wanted to see pineapple express, too

    Robert Colorafi

    9 August 2008 at 9:57 am

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